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Origins of the Moose Totem

Here is the story of the Moose and how it became part of the Troop 301 logo.

To our knowledge, the Troop did not have a Troop logo prior to the mid-1970s. The moose logo was designed in the mid-1970s by then Scoutmaster Ted Herrmann.

Troop 301 had an active camping program and encouraged high adventure backpacking and canoeing. During that same period, Boy Scouts of America owned Matagamon Maine National High Adventure Area, which provided a wilderness high adventure program to scouts. The Matagamon neckerchief featured a moose standing in a lake with trees in the background, a common site in Maine as the moose diet consists of both terrestrial and aquatic vegetation.

 Inspired by the Matagamon neckerchief, the Troop 301 logo was created symbolizing the outdoor high adventure spirit of the Troop. 

Today, the logo has been updated with the inclusion of the iconic St. James Rail Road Station symbolizing the Troop’s commitment of service to our community. Here is the next generation logo on blue field uniform (Class B).

 Starting in 2008, the logo was modified slightly when the field uniform shirt changed to red.